Rubberthreadproblem: can i get some curves like a thread of rubber?

Hello there,

i searched a while but didnt seem to find a solution.

What i need:
A straight line from point A to point B which has 24 subdivisions where i can attach or parent other meshes on.
If i move point A to another location all these subdivisions shall move so that the straight line is straight all the time.

Imagine a thread of rubber with points drawn on it.

If i use curves and move the endpoint then everything else stays in plays…so this aprove doesnt work for me.
I just need this for modelling. No need for Animation here.

This is my first post here.
Thanks in avance

You can use a combination of parenting and a Stretch To constraint

Parent an empty to one end of the line (where you also have the origin of the line) and use a stretch to constraint to an empty on the other end of the line. Then move the empties

See attached blend file.


stretch.blend (89.1 KB)