Rudolph the tree

I made this a couple weeks ago using the tree generator in cycles. I learned the tree generator the hard way- tweak this, change that, till I found what looked okay. Shortly thereafter Andrew Price came out with his Christmas tree tutorial…(It always seems to work that way:confused:)

Any critiquing would be appreciated.

If your computer can handle it I would give the Christmas tree more branches because right now it doesn’t look very happy. Also a star might look nice on the tree. Good work!

Love the snow, any tips or tricks to share about how you created it?

Nice work, I wouldn’t worry, about the tree they come in all shapes and sizes so you can’t do it wrong, yeah I would also like to hear how you created snow :slight_smile:

Very good, but I would have two criticisms, the background looks a little flat to me (I’m assuming that you used a image) although it’s not that bad, and the ends of the branches point upwards too much in my opinion, but otherwise a very good image.

Thanks for the critiquing and comments. Its nice to get some feedback!

The snow material was almost too simple. I tried fancy node setups with image textures etc. but I settled on a plain glossy node with roughness to 1.

Then to get the footsteps and overall shape of the snow I used a plane with displacement modifiers and weight painting.


Concerning the background. I did use an image for the sky… But all the trees I made using the tree generator and then added using a particle system.
You’re right, the main tree could probably use some more work.