Ruins 2.0

Maybe my longest project so far.
Got some inspiration from Fallout, Ruin and The Road.

I’m planning to do more ruins like this so stay tuned!

Made in blender/photoshop/cycles

Comments are welcome :slight_smile:

Ts a decent start, but it need some improvement, first thing is that the plane is clean an look like new, and there are those plants stuck at it that doesnt make sense, the rest of the scene look good there are lots of builing details and the quality is very good but it doesnt have atmosphere, at least not a good one, I would add some dusty, since its a city in ruins it ll have lots of dust. The composition of the scene(if there is any) is too clean and lifeless.

For me you did a great job so far and its close to a great result, congratulations so far!

Minor adjustments made in compositor/photoshop:

The wing seems way to crisp and clean compared to the rest of the plane and is probably the most dominant feature of the picture because of the moonlight shining right on it. If you fixed tht up it would look really good

Great scene, but for all the debris and overgrowth on the ground, the plane still looks like it was added in later. And not added in by having crashed, but by being placed there deliberately. For all the ruin around it, the plane itself is still in (almost) pristine condition. If it had crashed, there should be a whole lot more deformation. Buckling, tears, scorch marks, etc. You might also want to add aircraft numbers and markings, company logos, etc.

Tear off the wing, engine and little bit of tail. Impact suggest that the plane should be in half. and why the front of plane, near cockpit looks bit organic (windows are uneven, looks bit like worm). scatter bit more plane debris , add up dirt and rust (vegetation requires water, and water creates rust) and bit more wetty look , where the vegetation is.

by the way, your scene just needs a bit touching, otherwise, its very good. Keep it up.