Rumple Minze Ad (Formerly: Polar Bear)

Posed to test his rig. Composited into photo background in photoshop.

Still on the to-do list:

Back teeth
Better tongue definition
Mouth, Ear, & tail controls (maybe nostrils too)
Foot Pads

He wasn’t really meant to stand up like this, I just wanted to see how it looked.
But now that I see it, I may add some controls for his belly/chest, and some better grooming on his underside, so I can include some rearing up in the final animation…

Modeled & textured in Zbrush, Retopo in Topogun. Some additional modeling (teeth, claws) in Blender. Rigged, groomed, posed and rendered in Blender.

Not bad! There seems to be some chaotic fur particles, particularly on his belly, but…I’ve never been able to fix that, so I’m not exactly one to talk. Also his head seems to be too set back and small. The way he is he’s just giving a sort of grizzly bear impression. Polar bears have more sleek heads.

Thanks for the reply!

The concept art calls for a husky, behemoth of a bear:

so I made him a bit thicker than you average polar bear. I think I’m going to elongate the head a little, though, it does seem a bit short now that there’s fur on it:

In addition to referencing the “concept art”, I googled a lot of polar bear photos, although a grolar bear or two might have snuck in there. :)Here he is without fur:
(Screencap from Silo 2)

So I need to finish tweaking him asap, because there is still so much more to do. The girl is next… :eyebrowlift:


Does anyone know a good tutorial on hair dynamics?

Any ideas on making footprints in the snow? (Right now I’m thinking of animated displacement maps.)

Thanks in advance!