run a python script on a render farm

Hi, i’ve access to a crazy cluster for my work and I’ve an animation to render. To do that, I set up a network render farm over the different nodes available, I’ve run some test examples and it works. Now I want to move on my project and here s the thing:

I have a series of 400 time steps to post treat, showing the evolution of a chemical component. To do that, I wrote a python script that is gonna set the scene and iterate on the data sets to treat: load the data, treat the data, export as png, and so on.

So i’m wondering: is running the python script as client gonna work ? provided that at the top of my script I set everything as client. That requires decomposing the loop over the different time steps, don’t know whether blender can do that…

thanks in advance for your help.

not quite understanding what you need to know, but if there is a chance, i would try to load everything into single .blend (maybe one dataset per frame/scene?) and bake things if needed/possible. Then render that with e.g. Mitsuba, which supports network rendering with binary streaming. Would need to know what you mean by “export as png” and what kind of data you deal with and how you store it.