Run cycle tutorial?

Ok, I can animate moderately well and normally dont have trouble with animation… However, when it comes to walk cycles and running animations I suck.

this is the best run I have done and it is terrible…

Does anyone have a good tutorial for running animations?

There are probably 100s of good example right there. If you need anything specific or some critiques post back here after you’ve practiced.

Hadn’t thought to look on google images lol

I’m not horrible as in the poses themselves, it’s just that when I put it together, it looks very heavy every single time

By heavy do you mean the weight of the character? Less up and down movement will fix that. Your vimeo link is quite short so I didn’t get a good look at it to critique. Really I’d suggest posting something up here you are working on and we will give you some helpful tips.

I would say just bring the back up where the spine is. If you don’t have a spine, i would say delete all armatures and extrude from it to make parenting a lot easier (love the model). Also with the bone for the head set its parent to the spine and under parenting in armature data click inherit rotation, inherit rotation, and inherit scale if not already checked.

If you are as good as you say you are at animating, then the problem is probably in the rigging.

Also, i think that the character is crouching too much, so it looks like he is stealth running

Yeah… I had trouble because I didn’t make the rig. I almost never make the rig because I suck at rigging lol

I’ll work on it some more and post what I get here… May not be able to get the file though, my portable hardrive has a short and wont work sometimes…