Run cycle

here is my run cycle
any critic its highly appreciate

rendering with eevee

you can see he is running but there is some dynamic missing. it seems he slows down every time his right foot touches the ground.

Did you have some “start up” sequence for the running? then scrap that and just make him run, maybe that helps.

Nice work!

Keep at it, I want to point out a couple simple things I think would go a long way!

To address this, look at the bone that is moving him forward, be it root or god/world node.
Dive into it in the graph editor and look at the translates (Probably Y or Z). It should look like a more or less constant/straight-ish line. Right now it is probably leveling off in a few places. Adjust what you can to keep it constant.

Second, a little bit of twist in the spine would liven him up. He is a little stiff for how hard he is running. Go try and run for yourself and notice how much your hips and shoulders twist in opposite directions. Introducing a bit of that can really losen and liven up your character.

Keep posting more!

Thank you guys I will try to post more frequently more animation videos