Runes of Knightslore [Team]

Shadowark Studios - Runes of Knightslore
3D Medieval RPG, Higher Poly, PC Based

Synopsis of Story: Five kingdoms are in unity and harmony with each other, each holds an elemental rune. One day a thief steals four of the runes, by then the news reaches the 5th kingdom, which is the Fire Rune. The rune knight is ready and sets a decoy for the the thief. The fire rune knight must set out to find the stolen runes and once again restore peace and harmony to the kingdoms.

Progress: We are still in the beginning stages, however much is completed for the mechanics with the programmer, we have a dozen mid-poly models, some testing has been done, we have a good back story, modern day and storyline with tutorial that is always being updated and built weekly, etc. A website will be built in a couple months.

Funding Style: Profit Sharing. This game will be on kickstarter this summer to help raise funds for the completion of the game as well as for marketing it.

The Team:

  • 2 Programmers
  • 3 Modelers
  • 1 Female Voice Actor
  • 1 Music Composer
  • 1 2D Texture Artist / Writer

What we are looking for:

  • Character Modeler
  • Concept Artist
  • Male Voice Actor
  • Level Designer
  • Animator
  • Possibly Another Role

How To Join: I am the co-producer and very active on this forum. You can either reply to this post or send me a direct PM. I should be able to reply in less than 24 hours.

Couple of Screenshots:

hey, i want to know if modeler place is still free? i want to know more about the project.
here is my email: [email protected]

We do have room for an additional modeler, please provide samples. I will send you an email. Thank you for the interest in the project.