RuneScape Logo

I made this 100% in blender. It’s kind of fuzzy.
here is a link to the model on p3d.


Should have rendered for way longer, looks noisy.

This was BI not cycles. Thinking about it that’s my problem right there :D.

I haven’t touched blender in a while (my thesis is in Maya and mental ray), but it looks like a sampling issue (one or more of your sample settings are set too low). Without looking at the scene I wouldn’t be able to tell you which settings though.

did you make it sparkly on purpose or is that an artifact?

Thanks for the replys.
The Sparklyness is an artifact. I will try messing with some of the sampling settings.

I really like it and actually like the sparkles, even if they weren’t intended to be there. As for internal vs. cycles, I enjoy both because they both have their unique uses. Cycles for your more realistic scenery, though I’m sure the physical nature of the math can be made less realistic, and internal for your more out there looks and feels.

Anyway, good stuff thumbs up.

P.S. Internal is also good for quick renders, cycles looks awesome, but takes a good while longer to render IMHO. Bear in mind this is coming from someone who has a gfx card that does not support CUDA or OpenCL.

Here’s the image Rendered in Cycles.

Awesome. Did you figure out what seemed to be wrong with BI? Or just switched over ind the hope, the artifacts would disappear? I like both of your renders, the BI looks a bit cartoon like, so based on what you intend to use these for the one or the other might be the better choice.

I like the last image you posted!

I just switched over to Cycles and worked on the materials more, using image textures from cgtextures.

I still like the sparkles in the first one, but that cycles render is wonderful.

Looks great. Way better than the first one. It looks a lot less artificial.

Thank you.

Edit: I will be updating this in a few min’s.

Here’s the updated one. I think this is final, unless anyone has suggestions

Is RuneScape an RTS game? That’s what it looks like you are spelling, you might be killing two birds with one stone.
I know its your final render but i have a suggestion about the modeling, were the leg of the letter R is touching the sword. I think it shouldn’t, because there is some breathing space between the rest of the elements. Good stuff though.

ps i personally prefer the color scheme and even the quality of the first render.

It’s an mmorpg and its not my game. This is just fan art based off one of their old logos. But thanks for the suggestion.

Decided I wasn’t done on this after all. Here’s an update. Still taking suggestions. This one has post processing done on it in blender and gimp. I’m still taking suggestions.

Note: I did not make the picture in the background, that is a screenshot from the game.