Runing Blender on PS3

My desktop computer can’t handle running blender with high-polygon objects. I happen to own a PS3 and was wondering if the ps3 operating system would let me install and run blender like a regular PC. I assume the ps3 would have more prepossessing power and a better graphics card to make faster renders, and wouldn’t freeze trying to move around complicated structures. Is it possible to install Blender on PS3? If so, How? If not, could I install a different operating system for ps3, and How?

I actually had Blender running on PS3 under Yellow Dog Linux back in the day just as a test. Indeed, there was a hypervisor lock that disallowed the user from accessing the GPU directly, but the XDR memory was fairly speedy. However, you could only run on the main PPC core, no SPUs were active at any time, so it ran SLOOOOOOW. Fun little experiment though.