Running backwards while shooting

I need a little help with the armature in my blend here. Pretty much what I’m wanting to achieve is have the player shoot while he’s running away and for some reason I’m having trouble doing that. Press Space to shoot as well to see my problem. MY3RDPSTEST.blend (179 KB)

You mean track to an object moving backwards without flipping around? It could possibly be done with “Messages” or something…I’m not sure. I played with it for a few hours. You’ve got to tell the forwards motion to stop when pressing"Space" and “S” or something like that.

What kind of message would I give it? And if it can’t be done by messages then what else could I do?

Other than that; after having the persons head and arms aiming at the crosshair and having his/her legs moving at the same time I would like for the player return back to there normal state and look in the direction of where they’re walking.

This is not a very good way to do this but it kinda works. There’s a problem with this though, you cant run forwards and shoot. I’ll mess with it more later. Just hold “space” and “w” to see what I got to work.
Hope this helps! :slight_smile: MY3RDPSTEST.blend (322 KB)

I think I see - you have to just not track to the backward empties, and if you press S, play a ‘backwards moving’ animation. To do your animation, you’ll have to plan it carefully. When you use animations, only the channels actually used (i.e. the ones for the torso) will affect the bones, so you can play two different animations on top of each other. But, you’ll have to have a separate animation for walking in a specified direction.

And how would I have it to where the legs would seamlessly blend in when the character is facing at the camera? I understand that I would have to have two different armature rigs for this to work. One for the upper part to aim and shoot and one for the lower part to run away. Even after shooting I would also like for the character to return back to looking of where he or she will be running. So far I’m just using the arm as an example for the top part and the whole cubed body itself as the low part. So in short; I am trying to get the arm to look where the camera’s facing while pressing a button, then having the cube look in a different direction at the same time when moving, and whenever I’m done shooting I would like to have the arm go back to it’s normal/idle state.

Okay I have the arm able to track the plane as a crosshair! But now the other problem I’m having now is that after the arm is done in it’s shooting position, it’s still set to the position of where it was pressed last and only will do the same again each time when pressed. Now how can I fix that? Here’s the blend. ArmTrackTest.blend (186 KB)

P.S. I know the camera tilts after moving the mouse for so long and I already have the solution for it in another blend file I have.

Okay sorry to reply back so soon just a tad eager on getting this finished that and it’s been 3 days since my last post here. I know one way of probably going about fixing this, but I don’t know how I would set this up.

  • Have another plane set tracked to the cube. This will be another thing the armature to track before and after when it’s through doing the shooting.
  • Add in a state on second layer for the left clicking, crosshair tracking, and aiming animation.

And now for the arm to go back to it’s previous state I’ll need to know how I can have the states timed and able to swtich back to the state it was in before. Much like a cube jumping in it’s 2nd state and when landing it resumes back in it’s 1st state.

I have the other plane ready for the cube in the next updated blend file here. Many thanks to those helping me out on this.ArmTrackTest.blend (188 KB)