running blender games on source

hey guys i was wondering if there was a way to run games on source so i can select it from my steam account, feedback please :slight_smile:


Blender games rendered via Source Engine:
Possible - Very remotely
Probable - No
Practical - NO

Blender games launching from Steam:
Ask Valve for licensing terms and pricing. They may have something affordable.

awesome dude thanks

If you refer to adding your blender game to your own steam library so you can use its overlay, its possible.

First, you must save your game as a runtime:

Than you must add it to steam as a non-steam game:

Select “browse”:

Navigate to where you saved the .exe and than select “add selected programs”:

You should now be able to use the overlay:

yea thats exactly what im asking :slight_smile: thanks a bunch dude