Running cycle help

Ok so I got my character, my lattice (don’t really see the point of it for simple cycles like walking, running, jumping) and I have my bones

What now? :frowning:
I tried moving it and pushing IKEY to set the location and stuff but when I play it back nothing is moving :frowning:

lol I need some basic help, nothing fancy just how to move limbs record their positions and stuff :slight_smile:


I have no idea.
Try post the .blend, it makes it easier to see what kind of problem there might be.
Why do you have a lattice?

I’d rather not unless this was 100% absolutely needed, since I can’t talk about this project :stuck_out_tongue:
I just want basic info on animation… all the tutorials about animations are either too old or deal with bouncing balls or fur… I need bones and stuff

EDIT: I just need to make this guy run… to do that I go into Pose Mode and move the bones while hitting the i key to insert frames… or… what?

maybe you find something useful here
good luck , hope you find the hiccup. :wink:

lol you guys failed me again, I found a site with the info I needed after all these hours…
Very good tutorial, something I haven’t seen other tutorials do