Running Man , a Character Study - [ UPDATED ] !! :)

(sten) #1

Hey…I made a character that is only built by blocks or cubes,
and I made him for future studies of character animation,
how real, cartoon and human like it would be possible for me to

btw, for the curious one, I only used FK, not IKA-solving this time !

here is a study of it running, 2 movies from 2 different views,
hope you like it, enjoy:

(scizzo) #2

Cool stuff. 8)

Keep on working with it…

(sten) #3

I made a blended view movie also:

(snailrose) #4

Hey thats good 8)
the only thing is the way the arms move…
maybe a little more lift, to balance the run cycle


(basse) #5

heh… quite good… it looks like it VERY tired though… the last meters of marathon… heh.


(paradox) #6

nice cycle, like the blended effect in the change over.


(Andy Goralczyk) #7

i already told u that in #blenderchat, but…
really good ztonzy, i really like the movement.

(noid) #8

His arms and legs seem to move at the wrong time in relation to each other. When his left leg takes a step forward, his right arm should move forward too with him twisting his body a bit. Now he moves his left side, then his right side. Try walking/running around yourself and take notes :wink:

(NOTE: This is how it seemed to at the first sight. For some reason I can’t access the file anymore so I can’t check it right now, so I might be completely wrong.)

(ulrik) #9

very nice work, but IMHO the head and the whole upper part of the body moves a bit too much, as somebody said, it looks like the runner is tired and can’t stay on his feet any longer.

If you study a running or sprinting animation, you will notice that the torso and the head stay level, the only move up and down a bit (even there not much).

Also, the timing of the arm-movement is a bit too early compared to the feet, but somebody else mentioned that already.

The animation is great, just make the torso a bit more stable, then I think it is perfect!

(sten) #10

hey all and thanks for the comments… 8)

for the curious, I made this straight out
of my head without any studymaterial…

I did this in one day, this weekends saturday,
and I know it isn’t perfect , but I did it,
and I will say that it is finished as is…but I may do
improvments…so until then…say what you like :wink:

(IMProvisar) #11

I agree… arms and legs should move opposite each other, not together. Also, once you get up to a run, your heals stop touching the ground, only the balls of the feet. But good work so far!


(sten) #12

ahh, sorry ppl…I guess my brain has melted this weekend…

I will look into the opposite pending arms/legs heh :-?


(sten) #13

okey folks…

sorry for it…here is some improvement,
as I said, my brain must have melted…

sor here is the same links again…

just updated with correct leg/arm movement and also,
some tweaked legs/feets and up/down movement…

(BgDM) #14

Great job buddy!

That is all.


(snailrose) #15

I agree BgDm…
So much better


(S68) #16

Very nice and smooth :slight_smile:


(cluh) #17

Yes, great job on animating! :smiley: