Running windows utilities from python

Is it possible to get python (from within blender game engine) to run utilities such as msconfig and task manager or even the device manager?

just an idea for a 3d utility interface is all.


I don’t know about the game engine, but with scripts you can just do something like this:

import os

os.system('start taskmgr')
os.system('start devmgmt.msc')

guess i’ll build the logic round those for starters. Is there anywhere where i can get a list of those sort of utilities command lines?

Do you mean: how do you know the taskmanager can be started with the command “taskmgr”?
Google! :wink:

If you type in a command like that, the command line program (whatever that is) will search for a program that’s called like the command, in folders in the PATH environment variable. One of those folders is C:\Windows\system32 (on XP). That’s where system programs are, like the performance monitor (“perfmon”) and the calculator (“calc”).

so can i input the path in those parentheses or is the path to those files set before hand? If so, how do you go about defining a folder within windows that you want the script to look at?

It will look for a file called like the command, in folders stated in the PATH environment variable, but you can also type in any path you wish. I think it works like this: if it doesn’t see a command that looks like a path, it will search the program in the PATH folders. If it does look like a path, it will just locate it.
If you want to define a folder that Windows will look in when you just type in the command/file name, you have to add that folder to the PATH environment variable. In Windows XP Home you need administrator rights for that.

How the edit the PATH: