Runtime view almost orthographic

I have made a game in blender. everything is correct. But when i start standalone player, the camera loses some perspective. I mean it is perspective but seems orthographic. The view is scaled down, i think. how do i tell…kinda the view is having very less Z-depth. Embedded player works fine. But standalone as well as runtime have this view problem.

-You are using the camera? (the standalone use the camera)
-Maybe is the resolution, try use 800x600

You can share more information? maybe a .blend. Sorry english.

When in the embedded player, that being the one in the Blender application, hovering your mouse of the 3D viewer window and pressing the “Home” key, the viewer will change FOV to fit the true camera FOV into the window. I am thinking perhaps you have zoomed out in the editor without having the “Letterbox” option on your render tab > display block enabled and that is confusing you.

Numpad 0 takes you to the active camera. Blender will run the game even if you aren’t viewing it through active camera, but standalone will switch to active camera automatically. I don’t see the issue could be much else.

Remember to set all your scenes properly when you export. :slight_smile:

No everything is correct as all of u said… the problem is that the view is lacking depth…almost orthographic. embedded works fine. but standalone makes me mad. Example: A box is 50m away from you. It looks really 50m away in embedded. But in standalone, it looks like it is just 1m away from me. ------------ Then.?.. i started a new file. U know, a lamp, a cube and a cam. Pressed p. Looked fine embedded. then i ran standalone. Again that depth lacking shit. Now its just a new file!!! Ctrl n and some editing. why is this problem??? should i switch to glsl.???

I think you should give an example .blend. I’m lost.

Stay calm. Are you sure you understand the concepts of viewport and the actual camera? Because to me it sounds like the matter has been explained to you by multiple people.

Ok i’ll upload .blend when i get back to my pc which is in my office.

Hey guys i found the solution. in the camera view angle, i set it 90 degrees and it corrected the problem. The problem was the focal length… Thanx 4 d support n help. Thanx kheetor. U reminded me the difference b/w viewport and actual camera. After this only i started playing with camera settings and found the solution.