Ruppert, the Dog (cartoon) edit : new picture (with his house)


Here is my new character “Ruppert”.
it’s a cartoon character created for some videos (presentation for flash games, on a website on which I work).

It’s a wip, not finish :eyebrowlift2: :

Bye :wink:

looks good

Nice job, like always.

Thank you for your comments :wink:

An update. The house (a beginning, not finish).

I like the toony style a lot, but i think the body af the dog is a little too sphere alike!!

The little Slanting (opposite of straight) house, it is very cute!

love your work


Some new pictures of my Ruppert, the dog (the scene isn’t finished) :

Hope you like :slight_smile:


Thats absolutely awesome,

i think you should do tutorials, your materials are great, i’d really like to see the
settings :eek: Even the lighting is so believable.

Great, really

I second Gjevon. I’d love to see how you got those mats.

Great work. I really like the style of this. There’s a great simplicity to the design, yet there’s just enough detail to make this cartoon world seem real.

One thing I’m not crazy about though is the half shirt. Is Ruppert stuck in the 80s, or is he just growing out of his clothes?

awww… very cute. theres a little bit of too much something that looks like glow, or halo effect… atleast on my monitor, i would boost up the constrast…


thats nice! is thing going to be a mini movie?

Thirded, I would be very interested in reading anything you could say about making such a beautiful cartoon style render.

wallace and gromit anyone?

first off, I Love the cartoon style!

still i think basse might have a point, but if you change the lighting, don’t be radical, i think that glow, saturation and/or whatever it is really adds a lot of mood to the cartoon style.