Rural House

My experiment with vegetation-heavy architectural scene and I’m quite happy with the result. Modeled and rendered with Blender, took 3 hours each to render with 1440p resolution. Post-processed with Affinity Photo. Excluding the pre-made assets, almost all textures are from


The quality of renders is very good. But in the first picture, the house seems too small compared to plants.

Really awesome. 5star

Thanks, I will look into that in the next project

Thank you very much!

REally quality stuff here, but i tend to think the grass is huge! if i compare the plants near the window with the furniture inside. The house tends to look a bit to small or scale seems of a bit.

Perhaps its mee, not sure what others think.

Quality of the renders & lighting are sublime!

Did you also model the foliage yourself?

Nope, the foliage are from grass free addon and nature asset pack from cg geek

Love this!!

To me, it looks as it should if the yard is quite un-kept. Houses in GA have lots beside them that are owned by other people and they just overflow with huge blades of grass and weeds.

Wow! Beautiful, good work as always

i think this is so cool, everything works well together especially the grass. the only thing i noticed was the tree closest in the third pic looks a bit “flat” in my opinion. other then that, 10*

Love the atmosphere and overall look of these images! I agree that plants are way too big but on the contrary it makes this scene a bit magical. Cool stuff.

How did you lit this exterior? Was it HDR, sun or both?

Thank you!

Thanks for your feedback

I used both. I chose HDRI which has no strong sunlight, so I can control the sunlight direction and shadow sharpness more easily.

Great job man looks awesome!

This is one of those CG Architecture render that makes me want to go there.

Thanks! Glad you like it.

Thanks bro!

These are great images! Well done. Especially the concrete texture.

A couple of architectural details that could potentially help further add to the realism of the image to keep in mind.

Floot roofs as you show them do exist but they either need to have a perimeter rain gutter, connected to a drain on the exterior of the face or have a parapet that appears to be completely flush (as you have shown in the the tallest building section). If there is a parapet, there is still a bit of detail visible on the edge, usually of capping of some sorts. If you google concrete building parapet, you should be able to get a sense of what it is.

A bit of the building meeting the grass line is visible near the center of the first image, that’s where the footing of the building would start to support the house and go below ground. Usually there is a a material break (especially if the walls are stuccoed), of in the case of concrete, a rougher finish of concrete starts somewhere around 6 inches or 100mm above the ground plane. That part is quite weathered due to the constant contact with ground elements and moisture. As always searching for image references for either roofs or foundations could significantly help with that extra level of detail