Russian T-62 Tank

And here another project i started some while ago, and now managed to bring it nearly to finished state. Think there’s still some polishing needed here and there, but after several test renders i dediced to show it up here, as i now like it to that level there i feel no more risk to present it to the public! :wink:

Thanks to the fabulous Gleb Alexandrov and a Grass tutorial by him, i also could manage a nice plant footage around the model.

Model and Grass were entirely made in Blender (2.79), while the Texturing of Tank and Ground was done in 3D-Coat v4.5

I also made a Photoshop postprocessing with the third image and manually added Smoke and Dust via Handpaint.

Would be grateful for any comments, suggestions and so on. Further plans for this project is still some polishing on the model, and perhaps bring some bigger Nature parts like Trees in the surrounding.

The Model is also animated with full support of Tank tracks and so on, but for a realistic animation rendering i surely need more knowledge of how manipulate the Ground Texture “on the fly”, to imitate Tank Track Marks.

Anyone here knowing a good solution for this topic ?

Here the preview pictures following:


first it,s a very nice render indeed , i like the background a lot, the tank track ,the verity of plants ,it looks like a neutral ground ,
the tank it self looks great, although i notes d that the gears arnt dusted as the tracks them self ,
so maybe you would add some dust and mud to them,

2nd thing is , the tank body surface looks more like it,s been painted, i am not sure, maybe because
there are no imperfections , like scratch and dirts and sun fading ,

3rd thing, is that i think your only using the world lighting, thats why the tank is illuminated from all directions with the same value , maybe add a directional light , or drop some hdri on the sky to give the right feeling,

other than that it,s really amazing

Hmm, ok… I continued working on the textures. Added a subtle amount of more metal and tweaked a bit on the diffuse and spec textures.

The major change in the following render is the use of a HDRI-Environment-Image, i downloaded from HDRI Haven. I personally think there’s far more realism with that.

However i doesn’t really like the extremely hard shadow. Is there a way to manipulate the Shadow from an HDRI Environment ?

If not i’ll try to extract the Shadow in Render Pass and manipulate that shadow afterwards.

The model looks good but the materials aren’t the best. If you made them in blender and you didn’t use a program like substance painter it’s understandable. You can always add more things like ropes a log in the back, space armor,camouflage and the list goes on.Adding more details will increase realism. Also I noticed that the tracks are one solid color and not all dirt sticks to the tracks.

Well. The Russian version of T-62 doesn’t have any camouflage at all. At least i doesn’t discovered any photo on net, showing it with camouflage. What did you mean with “Space Armor” ?

Okay… Will try to get the armour a bit more dirty. The Track will be changed. I’m not so really satisfied with it myself.

Sorry it’s spaceD armor mostly seen in German tanks but some t62 tanks have been upgraded to T62M whith extra plates of armor at the front and turret ,just in case you want to create two variations:
Also there are russian t62 tanks with camo but for now you should improve on your current model and textures

That additional Armor Plates would be interesting indeed. Maybe i’ll do some upgrading to the model as far the basics for final release are done :slight_smile:

In the meanwhile i concentrated on texture tweaking and creating an improved chain link, which comes near to the original ones. The one used before was made too much in a hurry it seems :slight_smile:

Here a closeup where the chains are more on visible focus: