Russian Voice needed

EDIT: I’d just like to point out, that is an unpayed position. I’m too young to provide payment, and will not be making money off this project at all. I simply want to tell a story. Again, this is a strictly volunteer process.

I know this is a somewhat odd request, but I need a person with a Russian accent.

One of the major characters in a new project of mine has a very deep, very heavy russian accent and I just can’t fake it… Usually I try to avoid recruiting voice actors, because I generally can do it myself, but this is just something I can’t do.

For now, all I need said russian accented person to do, is read a short thing for a promo trailer of the movie.

lol… I was born and raised in Russia. So, pm me with the details. I don’t think my accent that heavy, but who knows… I’d like to know project details and such.

Can you sound similar to the character in Iron Man: Ivan Vanko? That’s how deep and heavy the voice needs to be… Although it will be hard to find a person with a voice like that so i may comprimise and go for a less heavy accent

That’s not a heavy accent, that’s the deep voice of Mickey Rourke makes his character standout. I don’t have such deep voice.

You could find a good actor to put on an accent.

I can do a passable Russian/Slavic accent and can do deep. PM me with a bit of your script and I’ll knock off a quick recording for your review.

I think for now, including Klaatuteela and the other’s who have offered, I have enough russian voice candidates for now.

However, I am also in need of some other various voice actors. Below is a current list of the voices I need:

.Middle Eastern male
.Deep “Master Chief”-esque male
.various american voices both female and male
.a tough military voice for guard robots
.a gentle monotone male voice that is caring but quite sinister

Other voices may be needed later on, but I can actually do alot of the voice acting myself. I’m planning on voicing a character who is in his 80’s!!

Thankyou in advance for your help.