Rust shader

So, i dont ask for critique to often but this is the time! While trying to create this rust shader i realise it is starting to look kind of nice. And the technique using 2 noise textures seems to have paid of. Maybe i could even have more than two! Of course, i am far from finished but i want to hear someone elses opinion. Is this starting to look like rust to you? Any ideas on how to proceed? I am considering using one or more noise textures to create aeven more details. I also plan to add some smaller scratches of bare metal into this. So am i on the right track here?

Sincerely not, to me it doesnt look as rust at all, rather a sort of self-wrinkle paint.
Personally I would lower the specularity, that is, a quite dark color and a high roughness.

About textures there is still an evident repetititive pattern, and in general they look too uniform.
Consider that there are very many ways to mix two or more textures and you can make use of a third texture as factor of the mix mode; each texture can be modulated via a ColorRamp node, as well as varied in scale via the mapping node; which kind of textures and which parameters is a real challenge.

I suggest to carefully look at references and decide exactly what kind of surface you want to reproduce, whether a metal covered by a thin film of oxide, or a surface strongly corroded, or something in the middle, since the textures involved can be totally different.


What he said ^

Rust has this kind of patches, overlayed through eachother.

I would use texture paint with black and white values to paint which areas have the darker procedural patches and which are more uniform. Also, look at the geometry input node and find the pointiness value. Use a math node and a color ramp to modulate the value to something that you can use as a blending factor, you will use this to make the sharpest corners of your, lamp?, have maybe a more rusty texture.

As other said, look at a lot of reference images. We don’t have a good memory, we need references.

Good luck with your project!

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