Rusted Robot Leg

Hey everyone,
This is my first serious work of modelling.
I created a rusted leg of a robot or a mech. It is quite low poly, about 20k polys.

High Res version :

Please give a honest feedback.

Overall shape and mesh detail looks good. The texture bump is too deep – it makes the leg feel small, like maybe a half meter tall at most. The texture has no shape relevance – I mean, it should be smooth in the flat, exposed areas, dirty and deep rust in the recessed areas. To really go top notch with textures, you need to think about the daily life of the object, where it gets worn will become smooth (joints and exposed faces) dirt gets into recesses, etc.

Its not bad for a model that may not be a central focus of a scene.

Well thanks… You are right about the textures but I seriously didn’t focus on the texture.
In fact its not uv mapped at all. Its just a generated texture by cube mapping and the default bump set to 1.

My major focus was on the modelling… :slight_smile:

I’d say if you focused solely on modeling, don’t apply a rushed texture on it as it tends to make it look cheaper. Just make a nice clay render to show off details and that’s it.

That being said, you should chamfer some edges as they look way too sharp as they are now.

Ya you are right!
but its not gonna be a main part of the asset. I think it will be hardly noticable…

I did notice it. :smiley: