Hey everyone. I just got back from camping and I have a game in the early stages. The idea is a short sweet game. The story being a simple, “Blue has girls and money, Red wants those, Red kills to get those.” I’m still working on the controlls and I only have a test level. The story will be presented in a cut scene, which I will make in later stages of the game creation. If anyone wants to contribute, feel free to do so. REMEMBER: Gameplay first.

Here is the compressed blend.

It looks fine for being in the early stages, and i like the walking animations (i can never seem to get those right :slight_smile: ) Keep it up, i want to see this game develop (hopefully)

Yeah. The trick to walking animations that loop well it to make 3 poses. Then use the first one as the 4 pose. Put them at regular intervals (about 5 frames should do), but make the last one 6 frames off. then it loops perfectly 20 frames of walking gold. It took me a while to make this strategy.

Hey everyone. I messed around a bit. You can now shoot “blood shots”. Next I’m going to make it so you can get out of the tutorial area and into some action.