"RVK textures" tut and "Textures in OrCo mode

Ok, just updated the “Texture in OrCo mode” tutorial and joined it with the Aniax’s one (it makes much more sense now :smiley: ):


and here is the “RVK textures” tut:


Hope these will be useful to someone.


Great addition to your texture tute with the Aniax model. The RVK tute is just awesome. Thanks for sharing that info.


I have been using rvks to unwrap for awhile, and I think one of the most useful buttons when doing so is the smooth button. also, I like to have usually several different RVKs, and map from window. I used this method on the makehuman base mesh in fact ( just the head ), and it came out pretty good, I guess i don’t have to tell you that it has a few tricky spots. :stuck_out_tongue: