Is there anyway to take one mesh key mesh and apply it to another?

What do I mean? Well, I’ve got two meshes with the same number of vertices, like - normal, no expression face, and smiled face of the same character…

So is there anyway to make smiled face become one of basic-no-expression-face RVK key mesh?

BTW I guess I think I should get some award for raping english this way :smiley:

try using the Relative Vertex Key Poser. It is at

This isn’t possible.


I like Hos’ answer… “This isn’t possible”. Very direct. Hos, I hope you don’t mind if I end up using that one in a future response in this forum. Something tells me that it won’t be long before I can use it.

For the time been, if your mesh isn’t very complex, you can do this to create the target RVK: Set the Reference Vertex Key before doing this.

  1. Out of edit mode get your “targer mesh” and place it in the same place as the “origin mesh” .

  2. Select the target, enter edit mode, select one vertex, pres SHIFT+S and choose Cursor->Selection, leave edit mode.

  3. Select the origin mesh, enter edit mode, select it first vertex, SHIFT+S and choose Selection->Cursor, leave edit mode.

  4. Repeat, repeat… repeat until you are done with all vertex.