RVKposer will work in Publisher225

I wanted to let you know we tracked down the change that kept the RVKPoser script from working in Publisher 225

In line 720, we replaced BezTriple with BezierPoint (BezTriple no longer existed) and the script functioned without crashing. It alsoseems that it is not handling the vector handle command correctly in 225, but we just grabed the curves and assigned them to be vector manually.

You can get the original script at http://www.meloware.com


Thanks for the note, mthoenes.
Unfortunately, most of us couldn’t get the Publisher before NaN’s bankcruptcy.

I am planning on testing the Magpie import script you worked on tonight. Hopefully It will work in publisher 225 as well.

Publisher 225 is not dramatically different than Creator 223, however the NLA editor and the additional constraint features are just what I wanted to improve character animation control. The Boolean features are also dramatically better.

If you can say with confidence that you would buy it were it available, I would email the Blender E-shop. It certainly can’t hurt Nan to have people waiting in line to buy when they are seeking more funding.

I think I will email them and tell them I will upgrade to a Multiuser license as soon as they come back. We are disappointed we did not do that before they shut down.