Rwby Models for Comic [Help needed]


I am currently creating a rwby comic and currently injured my wrist that I can no longer draw long periods of time anymore. I am looking for someone to create some OC rwby models that would be able to create and rig them. This will allow me to move them around to pose them then draw the lineart using the model. This will save me a lot of time and put less stress on my wrist. I know there are some rwby base models were you can delete the clothes leaving the base model. Then add on the clothes and hair based on the OC.

I have some money set aside to help pay for the model but I can’t afford expensive models. I currently have four models that I need to be created for the comic.


Dear Liz,
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I’d Glad to assist you.
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What’s the maximum budget for this job?

Here is my portfolio:

If you like it and think I’m good enough for the job, contact me.

I might be able to help you. Generally 30 USD/per hour rate or equivalent

Something like this took me around 32 hours from zero to finished (modeling only):
Let me know if your interested >> :e-mail: 3dcinetv(a)gmail(dot)com



This looks amazing! How much do you charge for something like this? I have a a face model to use for my OC characters. I am currently working on trying to find a rwby base model to use for the first Oc.


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Alexander Volkov.
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in general thats expensive…

Hi Liz,
I been an animator for a lot of years, I new here on blenderartist so I can’t send attachments. If you’re interested in seeing some of my work please email me [email protected]