RX 5600 XT 160 Watt or RX 5700 Xt 241 Watt?

Does anybody know to what degree the two cards have different render speeds openCL / AMD Pro Render?

I have the feeling that the 5700 XT draws too much Watt and thus I am curious if the 5600 would not be a so bad alternative.

5600 xt is basically 5700 non-xt. Same “core” count, same chip, really. Worse bin, but lower clocks. So yeah, less power drawn.

5700 xt has more cores and higher clocks, so the difference in power draw should be quite significant.


Hi Felix

Any idea where one could find how the cards differ in rendering to what degree?

I measued killawatt gpu power consumpiton of 5600 xt in gaming, maximum cpu and gpu usage :
Cpu max usage (intelburntest) 179-193 W
So subtract cpu usage you end up about 130W more power consumption from idle to max gpu power draw.
You probably end up somewhere between 130-160 most likely.
Also it only requires one 8-pin power cable, so that tells you something.


Also the techpowerup pages do list the wattage requirements for each card.

The 5600 xt is listed as *drumroll* 150W TDP.


Since you have a 5600 XT would mind running an amd Radeon pro render Test for me so I could see your score with your card to compare to the 5700 XT?

sure if you tell me the exact instructiions on how to do that

Download and install AMD Radeon ProRender from: It is free and to me a very interesting alternative to Cycles with CUDA.


Download the Ryzen test file:

Load the file in Blender, select ProRender as the engine, and hit render.

I set the size to 400% to make it a little longer to work.

Let me know what your time is.

Sapphier RX 5700 XT

macOS Catalina:
First Run : 2:19 min
Second Run : 2:07 min

First Run : 2:18 min
Second Run : 2:16 min

like this?

Yes this is perfect!

clickwhich one?
render image or render animation?

Just render image.

is there supposed to be anything happening now?

or i guess it’s still in progress:

Or is it done now i guess?

yes it will render it
and an the end will run a denoiser over it

I think it was done by my last post.
It says time : 03:23:53 on it, if that’s what oyu wanted to know.

do me one more fav

run the rendering
then after it is done
render it again (sometimes the first time takes a lot longer because of load - preparation times)

2:11 min? second run?
That is interesting.

I will reboot into window10 now and see how this works there.

3rd run. or 4th because the very first instance i closed, before i read what you wanted me to do again.
It is identical to the previous time.