RX480 or GTX 1070?

Thinking about upgrading the old 770, and these are my options. I’d prefer to spend less, but I don’t know if the reliability of rendering on the 1070 is worth (in my case) 2x the price of an RX480.


The RX 480 has big issues with PCIE power and it kill your motherboard, so wait for a fix from AMD or go with the 1070.
btw AMD supports less features than Nvidia.

unsure about killing motherboards, but it has the potential. Definitely wait for the non-reference desings.

Still, when it comes to rendering in Cycles.

Cuda version of Cycles has more features right now and compiler is more optimized. OpenCL version of Cycles is slowly gaining the features from Cuda, but the complier is still not as efficient.

I have GTX 680 and R9 290x in my system. orginaly the 680 was left after the upgrade since only Cuda was supported for rendering. Now that Cycles runs descently I render on my R9 290x but I also don’t need all the featurs like Sub Surface Scattering.

Do note that currently the 1070 and 1080 are not supported in Blender. There is a hack to get it running but it won’t run at full speed.

Though performance I would expect that the 1070 be significantly faster then single 480.

My GTX 680 is just slightly slower then my R9 290x. ON my smalls sceen I’m working on (a T-Rex) when rendering HD.

GTX 680 - CUDA : 0m15s ( tile setting : 256x256 )
R9 290x - OpenCL : 0m14s ( tile setting : 256x256 )
R9 290x - OpenCL : 0m10s ( tile setting : full frame - 1920x1080 )

As the 1070 in games performs 3x faster then the 680, and the rx 480 nearly identical to my R9 290x, and though I am an AMD fan and will get an R9 Nano when prices drop a bit, I have to recommend the GTX 1070.