RX580 for Blender 2.91


I own an old Mac Pro 5,1 that I’d love to upgrade with a new CPU & GPU to also be able to use one of the latest macOS.

Due to the basically inexistent NVIDIA support in newer macOSs, I think about getting an AMD GPU - the RX480 or RX580. Currently I still use an NVIDIA GPU + CUDA and have no experience with OpenCl.

Is there a major difference when it comes to performance?
And could someone who owns and uses a RX480/580 maybe share her/his experience with its performance in Blender 2.8 - 2.9? Are you satisfied with the card & performance?

I also have Windows and Linux on my Mac and could theoratically still use a NVIDIA card, this would just mean I have to stick with my old macOS and use Windows/Linux for blender.

Considering all that, would you still consider the switch to AMD as a good plan or should I rather stick to NVIDIA?

Thank you!

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I have a 580 and 2.91. I can’t get my renders to consistently run on my GPU. I have been through the depths of the internet and back and can’t figure it out. If what you are doing now doesn’t crash Blender I’d stick to that. Within seconds my CPU is at 100% and Blender just gives up.

2.83. 2.90, 2.91 not works good with AMD Radeon.

Use 20.4.2 driver and Blender 2.82a.

And I see, Blender team does not think fix this problems.