Ryd Abbey - a huge project WIP



I am currently working on a HUGE project, basically re-building and re-constructing Ryd Abbey (danish: “Ryd Kloster”) preceding todays Glücksburg in Flensburg, Northern Germany.

It’s currently not planned to be photorealistic rendering but I will of course make it as realistic as possible, but who knows what the future will bring about.

As I am writing this, I only got a clay render.

I was visiting Glücksburg summer 2013 and, and I was taking some photos. I wasn’t really allowed to shoot any photos, but I didn’t knew that until I read a sign saying I can’t shoot photos. My information about this Ryd Abbey according to archeologists is therefore based upon some photos I shot of a current real life model in some of the rooms in the castle.

The challenge for me is to make the right holes, doors, windows and other openings in the mesh without making a mess.
In short I want to make a hole in a mesh without making a mess.

This is my topology so far:

Also I am having difficulties getting the proportions right, since I only got two reference photos of the original model before I had to put my camera away. Fortunatly, I got it from the two most important perspectives, and it repeats itself on the other two sides.

I’m working on a large arch viz / animation project right now… my biggest advice is not to make the mistake I made… which was not doing everything to some kind of real world scale. Do your best to get it at least close to an accurate overall scale whether it is metric or imperial.

I just finished the next step in the process, going to build the courtyard:

I do this where I am able to, ie. have the actual scale and blueprints. I don’t have this for this project.

Sounds intresting. I like medieval architectur and some day i gonna make something like you, too :wink: Looking good right know, will take a look at this in future!

And as Harleynut said, the important`s thing may be not to loose the scale i guess.

Happy Blending


Thank you. I’ve now roughly got the scale of the entire building, and this is its overall look.
Now I just need to fill in the details, such as a small tower or spire the roof of the large church building and add bump (I’m rendering this using Cycles).

looks good so far!

The update so far:

Feel free to comment :slight_smile:

This is the update for today:
Just finished making grass and the small garden. I badly need constructive criticism now.

This is the (somewhat) finished result:

I need to know how to make it better, if there is something that could be done to improve the quality.

I think it´s looking good at all. But the lighting is defenetly not right. There is some dark background (looks like a rainy sky) and from the right is coming to much light as that i feels right (Maybe it´s just the color of your light).
And of cours your wall in the front isn´t aligned right, there are some issues to correct especially on the lower right corner.

So try another lighting setup, that will change the feeling of your image and maybe add some depth of field in the background.
And i don´t know about the texture of the roof. it reapeats too much in my opinion.

But apart from that i really like it! Just my 2 cents,