Ryner - Frystyle (blend to download)

Great work! It’s amazing how close you were able to get! :slight_smile:

Looking at this, I couldn’t help but think how well it would look if you made a short with this character, but with a minimal-paintery-sets background to get a really “hand made” feel to it. So, instead of having a full set fully visible, you’d only have a small region visible behind/around the character. The effect would be like if you had your base image/background, then masked it with a rough/thick paintbrush, making only the bits you’d painted show up. And, on each frame, you’d use a slightly different set of brush strokes, so it looks like the background is being hazily painted in - almost like a slightly foggy/misty day on the coast of a sleepy fishing village. I’m imagining that this could work well if the background was mostly monochrome (using something like the colour you’ve got on that clay render, except perhaps a bit darker, or even less saturated?), showing glimpses of a lighthouse or wharf-like structure…

yep is 3D :slight_smile:
coll stuff !!!

Cheers guys, I’m really pleased that you like it.

@Aligorith I like yours idea for background, I was thinking about something like that before but I need to compare few styles before I’ll chose one. BTW what do you think about 2d background like this one for a short?


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Great Job!

dude! that is awesome.

Wow! thats really great love the toon style! Need to study your techniques!

Posted a comment on BlenderNation, YouTube AND now here . . . this is outstanding!!! You’ve managed to capture this cartoon-style perfectly IMO. Great, great work! Look forward to seeing more. :cool::RocknRoll:

Oh wow :open_mouth:
SO perfect. Still render looks nearly the same as the 2D illustration!! Mind-blowing how you pulled this off

Really nice work - always a fan of anything freestyle related.

2 styles to compare https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rwf-vO20Gc0&feature=youtu.be

This is incredible.

Regarding the wireframe, is there a reason for it being so weird? I mean the boots for example have plenty of Ngons and tris, and I really dont see that this translated into anyhing substantial. Im gonna guess that you were expecting more lines in the freestyle render out of it(?).

As a side note: I would really love to see some animation added to the fish heads! That is so much of a missed opportunity! As a fisherman myself, dead fish flop a lot when it is fresh. It would have been really funny to see the heads flopping while the dude walks.

Anyway, great and inspiring work.


Could we get some more details on your process? The toon shader is amazing and I’d love to hear more.


Howdy! I’ve been offline for a while, thank you for you original reply.

I think the 2D background looks great and would like great with the character style you created. I’d been very interested in seeing a short pulled together in this style. It really excites.

Cheers guys. Here’s link to the tutorial https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Tm3yQHrqbE&feature=youtu.be

@Alvarocgi: Yes, I’d to make additional cuts to get some freestyle edges. Good idea with the movement of fish heads. Cheers.

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Dang, that’s a perfect recreation. Super cool man

The future of 2D animation.

Brilliant… nice work… looks like old style with new tech

Cheers guys! I’m adding a test of the background I might use for the anim, but I’m still not convenience is it the best option for this style of freestyle :slight_smile:



Incredible work, could you please upload a screenshot of the compositor node setup?

Hi guys, the link for download Ryner is here: