Ryner - Frystyle (blend to download)

Since I saw this guy I always wanted to make him life in 3d.
Maybe some short will appear soon, there is some concepts but not much free time for it :frowning:
Here’s results:

link to download Ryner is here in the video description: https://youtu.be/tMIBUmoreX4



Wow! That cartoon style you’ve achieved is absolutely brilliant. I’m envious.

Do you have any insight on how you achieved this effect/style? Any tutorials or references you could share?

Thanks! It’s so good. I’d like to use the same approach for making comics.

Yo BiscuitP1mp. Sorry I’m quite busy at the moment so you need to search for tutorials by your self. What I’ve done here is a separate objects for gloves, boots, jacket and all of them. Every object got different group which you can use in freestyle mode in the way you want. I also had a few freestyle line set up for the object.
Good luck!

Bravo! Congrats, absolutely love such styles.

Can you show us a screenshot with wires & clay render?
Would mean a lot.
Thanks for sharing and keep it up.

Really great, I like it !

Thanks Guys!
@Burnin I hope that will help :slight_smile:


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Yes, much appreciated… thank you!

This is really GOOD! :slight_smile: Like it

I like it so much! You are very skilled!

You’ve done a great job! Earlier this year I found another 2D to 3D conversion of this guy: https://de.pinterest.com/pin/1266706121764094/
But yours is much more accurate! Great style!

Cheers guys :slight_smile:
PipTogo thanks for link, that model is quite nice but its not designed for animation purpose I think and its more like 3d style. My model is done to be looks like 2d model and its fully animated :). Another advantage of my model is the render time, its only 17 seconds on my laptop :slight_smile:

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obis_81 very well done! I love the style, you get the 2D appearance of the original.

This is really cool. My mind is blown at how close you actually got to the look of the 2D illustration.

this is really superb… you have adapted that 2d style very well…

It looks real nice, hardly distinguishable from the 2D art. Well done ! Is it rigged and all ?

This is really awesome! I LOVE it :smiley:
Amazing style and rendering! You captured him perfectly! I’m always amazed when I see something 3D that looks so much like a 2D drawing.
Great work dude!

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Man, that’s great!

This is truly awesome and beautiful, hope that’s someday i could get renders like that :slight_smile:

5* deserved ! :slight_smile: Wonderful job!!!

look so 2D but you did fantastic job on it!!! one day, I would love to make it with freestyle… keep up!