Ryzom Assets 4 you

Hey folks!

I had a year long break from blender due to high pressure at work and totally forgot to share my ryzom libraries with you.

It took me one month to write the scripts and find the errors in the transfer process, i was so excited when i was finished and in the end the whole work was just not used, as i had no time anymore.

The libs are split in two parts, the mesh and texture parts.

Every scene mostly ressembles one 3D mesh of the original files.
The textures are adjusted to blender game engine as my intention was to use it that way but can be changed easily.

Here is a link where you can briefly read the obstacles of that project. (This site is a year old… :wink: )

Have fun and maybe a great project arises and you will share whit me what you have made out of it.

The Rar files are uploading step by step so it might take up to 2 hours until all are online, at least my dropbox is telling me that.

If you have any questions feel free to ask.

CLICK ME :slight_smile:

greets gerrylix

All files are now online and working.

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