Hello everyone, Here is a sci-fi/post-apocalyptic concept art for short film project.
“SAKS” it is the Danish translation of “Shears”

Blender 2.93-3.1 / Render : Cycles 300 samples / OptiX denoising


Welcome back to the community!

The 2nd random color version shows how many objects you are working with! :eyes:
I really like the signs and environment and lighting.
The bipedal mech design feels a little derivative but still hits all the marks for being cool.
Maybe you could make the character stand out a bit more with some color.
There is a lot of detail and texture, good work!


Thank you for this constructive feedback, concerning the mech some parts are colored in red or yellow but covered with dirt because in the story it evolves in a very dirty, very dusty environment.

Really awesome work, man… I get what you mean by the colours etc and what Bodar is saying about the colours and textures as well… Maybe try focusing more on the mech with closer shots and more light on it so it doesnt blend into the surroundings. That might be the point you want to get across but it certainly helps to highlight the main feature and draw attention to it.

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Thanks, I’ll try put some lights to highlight the body lines and maybe a brand new design for the mech.

Hi, I reworked the mech lighting to make it stand out better from the background, trying to stay realistic.

I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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Thank you so much, great weekend to you too.