I try to create S.W.A.T character and have general action (walk , run , shoot , …). Now, I can control my character with keyboard (actually , game mode)

Video here :


ps. The character has ~ 15,000 vertices (I know it’s too large for one game character)
ps2. I made all done with blender 2.49b

looks cool. but usually characters should be about 1000-3000 verts if it’s for a game.

DECIMATE. cool game character though and before you decimate it copy it and put it on to another layer then decimate the first one and bake the normals to the first one

15k is abit high for bge, but is functional for other game engines (unreal or source I do believe average around 10k for the humanoid characters) but looks real nice :wink:

could you give a bit of detail into how you modelled this? e.g Makehuman?
i find Makehuman export faulty and there are no good high poly models that i have seen.
Why not high poly in blender? does it bottleneck within processing, or does it just need high end pc to play

WOW, excellent work, that looks amazing. But yes lower poly, and meybe work on the walking animation. (I can’t tell what it is, but something isn’t just right about it).
Keep up the GREAT work.