SABATON - Stormtroopers (Animated Music Video I made in Blender)

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Damn that’s good! I’ve always wanted to try making a music video. This is simultaneously empowering and terrifying.

Did you do all of it yourself?

Thank you very much. Most of the primary assets are self made, only for the face models I used are 3d scans, then I only made the shaders and animated the eyes. The rifle and MP models were bought online and also some of the background assets are photoscanned. Everything else is hand made (Models, Textures, animation, FX, etc.) if I am not missing something :slight_smile:

Thanks for the info! You’re where I want to be eventually. A good enough handle on the entire 3D pipeline to make a fully realized video.

How did you go about learning rigging and animation, including everything involving the camera? That’s the last area of the 3D pipeline I haven’t dug into yet and at least gotten functional.

I have been doing Character animation only for a little bit over a year now. I watched many tutorials, tried different techniques like hand keying and motion capture. Bought a Motion Capture suit. But for this video, I decided to do hand keyed animation. All in all it’s just practice and trying to get better from project to project. But for animation I still have a long way to go. And for the camera movements I try to get inspired by movies and games. Rigging is not that hard. It’s just time consuming, but there are many plugins (auto rig pro for example) that can help you. But there is better software for rigging (or skinning in particular) out there (with proper heat weighting, voxel weighting and hybrid voxel heat diffuse skinning).

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Are there any tutorials, tutorial series, or YouTubers/instructors that you would recommend above others for learning animation?

Unfortunately not. I think animation is even more about practicing and watching reference footage than other 3d disciplines.

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I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

Very humble to not mentioning that Sabaton published this on their officail website :wink: and don’t bother about YT comments like:

… this is bad animation…

Best of all you answers:

Thanks for opinion.

You did something what some people never will accomplish (me included):
An emotive story within 4 minutes with no words been said by the actors just fitting the lyrics of the song…

A soldier on the war front realizes with a mountain pile of empty ammo jackets behind him:
This is insane and f… of that division emblem…
And after that every other soldier is just an incarnation of death itself with a skull as face…

So keep on :metal: …


Thank you very much :slight_smile:

Thank you so much! Comments like this one are helping me a lot to stay motivated :slight_smile: