Sabge game engine

Could this engine Potentially Hold Large projects or will the Project SCOPE be limited to small RTS games?
(With every engine comes its own limitations, will workarounds be the case in SAGE ENGINE?)

BTW im also impressed at the decision you have taken in furthering this project looks like it may be a BIG thing in future id suggest you keep working on it bud it will do just great. i will consider trying it out once its ready for public use definitely!
(If it does great i might start making games in SABGE in future)


Btw whats the full form of SABGE???

@lopas, your logic bricks are using python API (like UPBGE nodes) or do you built your own in C++ ?

my own: python (and C if needed for speed)

Stand Alone Beautiful Game Engine :stuck_out_tongue:
It does not seem so relevant to waste so much time on this question about the name, which then had already been talked about … sabge does not mean anything, and not necessarily it must have a complete form. I called it that because I wanted to create a standalone game engine whose API was very similar to the bge one and I put the words together. I have always written that it is an absolutely independent software from blender and its sources. Think that it is simply called sabge just like as you might call yourself Andrew (for example) without any kind of full form.
Come on let me work! :heart:


working on automatic lens flares, also, inspired by gta 5, i’m trying to achieve a similar anamorphic fx


stop teasing, and release the engine already. Its killing me. lul

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Not gonna lie, that lensflare is sexy :ok_hand:

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looks really awesome!

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I believe your project is built on top of the blender standalone player?

No no jacob, maybe you remember when, some time ago, I talked to you about a project I had in mind using the blender player…, but then with sabge I did everything from scratch. I don’t use anything of blender/bge/bge player, sabge is written from scratch using mainly python. The performances are good because I exploit a lot the new features of the gpu introduced with the latest versions of openGL that reduce the over head with the cpu, and using auxiliary modules written in c or c ++ for math or for critical parts.Actually for math I had written my own library in c, but then I switched to using mathutils as external lib which also has support for kdTree and other stuff …
while the physics is based on one of the latest pybullet versions, which also gives the possibility to “train” animations based on physics, it is very interesting, as soon as I finish some things related to the rendering engine I will study them better!

hahaha :smiley: i’m sorry, you need to wait a little more… I would like to wait at least to implement the visual logic system, so that those who do not know how to use the code can still create a game. But it will take some time (In order to speed up things I thought to hire anyone who wants to participate in the development of the new logic bricks, since every brick would be an external collectable component, a mix between the old logic bricks and python components and can be written simply in python (or python + c / c ++ possibly for heavy stuff) however I will move on to this step as soon as I finish the rendering engine…I hope to finish soon, but the free time to work on it is always short :disappointed_relieved:

So what are in your to-do list in this rendering system? I mean what else are you going to add in this rendering system?

I’m working on lens flares now, then i’ll do dof, but i have to finish some thing in the ssgi also.
Now, I have to deal with transparent surfaces in a separate step as I switched to a deferred rendering system, so a specific mat shader is needed.
Then i need to write some other useful shaders: water, under water, terrain, grass and foliage

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whouuuuw , the christmas tree

ok, i think i finally got to get what i wanted from my light system!
…the development of the sabge’s rendering engine is taking a little longer than expected, but the many experiments done have helped a lot and finally we have a fantastic lighting system that completely revolutionizes the way a video game developer will uses light in game’s scenarios.
New possibilities for creativity are opening up!


absolutely gorgeous! Is there a chance your work could improve the Eevee renderengine? As far as i know you cannot use emitting meshes there. GI seems to be a real game changer. Fantastic work!

really impressive! the ambience color screen multiplier is a bit too strong, the whole color palette seems to shift a bit aggressively based on scene. it makes it appear to flicker when running past lights. as if the dynamic exposure is too rapid.

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thanks, in addition, what would be the setup of the lights in game scenarios is greatly simplified with automatisms that generate a realism that would be difficult to represent with traditional lamps, and impossible using those, in terms of dynamism… however I don’t think there is much in common with the techniques used in eevee. eevee prefers accuracy over performance and does so through temporal refinement. sabge’s rendering engine was created for the game and not for the production of images or videos. I tried ssgi addon based on eevee, i like it, but for games I think it in not very usable considering the average level of hardware we have atm…


watching the video on the phone I can only agree with you on the intensity of the colors, in the monitor I saw them less on, but it is still something easily adjustable as well as the time of the auto exposure :slightly_smiling_face:

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having settings was the point i was after, glad to see it can customized (and not a byproduct of the tech)! :+1:

it’s very impressive. But like i was saying , it’s hard to appreciate as there’s like a bucket of light thrown on our face :slight_smile: Also, the walls seem not rendering the light as they should. But i know it’s because this is a showcase of a particular thing

Keep doing , i will and hope others will patreon this project. But i would be happy to see if any non-C++ programmer user can use this engine

edit : well i was watching the video on low resolution. In HD it’s wow. There’s just that little feel of there’s like a big cloud/fog of light, bloom . I guess it’s all about tuning the settings. I would like to see the result with fewer lights / night time

When you see the preview image of the youtube video, the fire flies saturate the whole scene with orange (almost) no matter the distance. It should be more local.

Sorry to bother you with all those remarks but i guess you already know all that.