Saga of Ryzom... Becoming open source?

It seems the example of Blender have made a lot of adepts…

There is a MMORPG named “The Saga of Ryzom” builded by a french society name Nevrax. Unfortunately, Nevrax is going down.

And people tries to buy the source code to make it an open source project.

:smiley: and you know what? Just the fact of imagining an open source multi platform MMO… Gives me the shivers.

:smiley: Add the possibility of adding content with Blender… I would die and go to heaven…

More news here…

I like this mmorpg, but it was too small of players at the time. I haven’t checked their more recent reluanch to build your own worlds, but being open source and away having a strong interface and networking already taking care of will wipe me away.

Looks great that game. :smiley:
I don’t fully get it though… a free unlimited trial WITH access to the expansion pack?
What up with that?
Looks like a great initiative to open source it. Reminds me of some other application… can’t quite remember the name but this guy named Roosendaal had something to do with it…
I’d donate if only I had something to donate :confused:
Being a minor sucks…
Guess I’ll have to cross my fingers and hope others can donate enough without my aid :smiley:

i hope that they succeed, i would love to play this! I love MMORPG’s, one of my most favourite game genres


c’mon guys, we have an open movie already, why not go for an open MMORPG?
I admit that there are already MMORPGs which are open, even one created with Blender, but this one looks very good.
Let’s do it! :smiley:

I only new Ryzom by name. Never looked at it but i checked out the website and it looks like a very good MMORPG. I’ll definitely play it if they succeed. And they already seem to have a large amount of donations.

An open source MMORPG, oh my !
Let’s hope they succeed!

I can’t believe no one has mentioned Planeshift yet. This is an awesome mmorpg with open beta that is made with blender and wings3d models as far as I know, I think some may be from a few other software but these are the ones the site mentions I can remember. It’s still in development but has an awesome community and is pretty good for being a work in progress. And has been open source since the start. - check it out

Downloading right now, Idenheart.
This looks a LOT better than that other one, Eternal Lands.
Ton, if you’re reading this: be proud of your creation around this community is based. You have brought a beautiful thing into this world!

This week, the Free Software Foundation announces that it will officially support the Free Ryzom campaign with a pledge of $60,000. :o

They said that the Free Ryzom campaign is a high priority project for the free software movement…

the game looks great, a(nother) free mmorpg would be great, so I decided to support them with a small donation. I wish them good luck…

Alright, Planeshift sucks. It just feels like the character is moving so slowly and the graphics were a lot better in the screenshots.
It’s great that the FSF will donate 60,000$ to this project!
I like the way they have created a world which does NOT look like earth for one. At least not where inner workings are concerned.
May open source prevent some companies from monopolizing the world and getting our money.

As Blender is starting to make Maya and 3DSMax a** itch, I am sure FreeRyzom will itch WoW’s a**…


Double that!

you have to remember that even after this game will be bought and go open source it would still cost money to play it ! (to keep the servers up) , but much less then most games.
and it will take time to build a Linux/Mac client.

you have to remember that even after this game will be bought and go open source it would still cost money to play it ! (to keep the servers up)

:smiley: nuuuhuuuu… Don’t you forget about this incident where WoW server code leaked out by accident? People opened free servers overnight for people to play without fee.

Now… Imagine the code is given to you?

:smiley: Student in information technology able to acquire MMO knowledge even before they left college?
All the fun the opensource community will have?

Using this tech to do nice interactive chat rooms, mixing with jabber for example…

Blenderhead blowing their head off building new content…

Developpers being able to concentrate on the game engine instead of losing time with network code…

:smiley: Hell… even Second Life can go f’ itself at this rate…

That’s insane that the project got such financial support from the FSF, I really hope they manage to win the source code. It seems as though from reading the news posts on the Ryzom that even after the company goes out of business that some of the developers still want to work and contribute to the game.

So sad… financially they were so close, FSF backed it, the original developers stood behind it… and it’s over. Would have loved to see what this could have become.

It’s a scary thought that the same could have happened to Blender!

:smiley: ahem… yeah… it’s a sad thing. And when you look at who took the bid it’s even more sad… Not a single blockbuster in the company product… (OGame was a real catastrophe)

Don’t know if they will be able to develop something serious, but I believe they have the network infrastructure.

:confused: Will they make it a good game however…

:slight_smile: I say, keep an eye on the site they intend to free other MMO engines…

:frowning: And yes… Imagine if Blender had been bought by Alias|Wavefront… or Kinetix…
:smiley: Ton Roosendal would be driving a porsche (oops, not the best argument)