Sagedread Designs New Website Feedback Wanted

Its definitely been a little while since ive posted anything here, i stopped making the tutorials and game design for a while to go to school. Ive started up my freelance web design business “Sagedread Designs” and i wanted to get some feedback about the site.Im in the process of setting up a service in partnership with a new mexico band “Factorus Alacritous” to provide quality,loopable video game music for developers in need. Ill post more about that when its all setup.

Let me know what you think.
Much appreciated.

there are too much black lines.
Do you have some references?
The prices are way too high
Your portfolio, well most work is with many fractals, not so good readable logos,

why a forum?
wow =>

but why Wordpress? Wordpress consumes too much ram on servers (is a well known problem for years)
Did you already try drupal?

All I have to say finally is, that the whole website doesnt look professional =(
too much wrong html code and falsly closed html tags
(<meta … /> and <script type … src="…"></script> and not <script type=“text/javascript” > src=“”</script> ) …

I personally would not pay for this (escpecially for installing wordpress or another open source solution which can be installed by everyone in 1-3 minutes)

How long do you work in the media industry?

Thanks for the feedback.
Your right on the black lines - easy fix
Ill have more references soon as im working on a site for ac installations as well as a renewable energy site for some clients of mine.
I havent tried drupal accually ill look into it. Is it really that much of a ram difference? Im running a dedicated server and the site hasnt had any problems with performance issues.

yes, wordpress has for years problems with ram (wsod)
Problem is the wp devs write bad plugin code for example.
Also there are many plugins with the same functionality.
I used wordpress often in the past but after installing just some extensions it got much slower and had often a wsod or a message that the memory is exhausted …

Drupal is very fast and stable and there are not so much security fixes for it as for wordpress. Drupal 6 for example is yet updated and also widely used and up to dte (has a very long term support)

Drupal modules (extensions) are for the major versions so the number (6.x or 7.x) just matters. It is very fast and flexible and was meant for developers (views, cck, … and has all what you need built in)
the website of the white house for example is done with drupal (could be never made with wordpress)

I definitely see what you mean wordpress has some security and plugin issues. Im going to get myself familiar with drupal. Although, wordpress works great if you limit plugin use and use built in theme functionality instead. And not to mention caching your site and using 'keep-alive" support in your .htaccess

I have successfully switched my site over to drupal and i must say im impressed. it performs so much better.

Hey, it now looks much cleaner and better and is much faster (I know that would happen =) ) and it seems you are much faster in creating and porting websites and mockups with drupal =)

If you need some help or advice using drupal, just let me know =)

I personally would never change back to wordpress - im in love with drupal xD =)
Drupal is for me the best solution currently for most projects (for ecommerce I rely on well known solutions like shopware or oxid or magento …) =) and it gives total control to the administrator and developer and gives you most tools you need and a very good start to create a very good website based on feature-rich themes (worldwide used like the omega theme) …

Thanks for the tip i gotta give te drupal team props, theyve done some good work. I like how the theme architecure works its alot less redundant. You dont have to use loops to grab your content.
And i will ask if i need help thanks.