Saiyan Monkey (dyntopo n retopo first attempt)

I don’t want to talk too much about what I want to do even if the title says enough.
I tried dyntopo for the first time today since I have a tablet for three months now and I really looooooooove it. With a pen it’s so great.
Here’s a first sculpt of a gorilla that I’m going to retopologize and rig. I know it doesn’t have hands or a tail or feet, I still have to sculpt them.

Update from the 01.07.2015

Front shot. The arms are not very dood yet.

It took me a looong time to retopologise this and even if I totally agree that this technique is better, the retopo process is so boring for me, I got any pleasure to do that. I will definitively buy the retopo contour add on to help a little bit on this process.

I tried to manage to have only quads obviously but I have I think three tris and one n gone at least maybe two. I don’t think they will bother but… you know, I would have prefered have none.

I forgot to scupt the ears already… by the way. and the famous tail too.

Thanks to a very nice picture of health really labor.
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The modeling is almost finished I think, finally. I just have to enhance the hands and I’ll move to sculpt face details.

The tail is straight for the moment cause I’m thinking to rig it.

The project is going well, I was very potimistic since I encountered aproblem I’ve had before with my last project and that it seemed to have appeared with the 2.74 version only. I think it’s a bug and I hope I’m wrong.
The problem is that the hair that I’ve got in the viewport and the render mode is not the same as soon as I press F12.

Here’s the viewport view before F12:

Here’s the rendered version:

Here’s the wireframe after escaping the render:

A close up :

And as soon as I pass to edit mode and object mode again, or displace a modifier and put it back again, the particles replace themselves correctly again like that:

The order of the modifiers don’t seem to be the issue either. I made a test with the subsurf at the top and the bottom, it’s the same.

Has anybody a solution?? Please, it would be very helpful.

I fixed the problem I don’t really know how. I just remade the hair layers and that’s it. (???)

I could change the hair color a bit maybe, make something more grey, I will see. Now I’ve go tuo put hair on the tail, “rig” the thing and think about the composition. I’ve got already something in mind but I wasn’t sure I would be able in a matter of time to do it. I will have to reduce my expectations but not so far from the original idea. The point is to make look the monkey very angry in a kind of rage, looking at the sky, the left arm is positioned in a certain way that we understand, with the addition of debris and dust, that he just smashed a building. In the right bottom corner of the image in th foreground is standing a guy, looking at the beast, afraid and on the point to run away. In the distance we also can perceive som soldiers firing lasers at the monkey.

Just a render test of the eye. It is somehow better than the previous I made but in some aspects, not as good. I took a node setup from a CG Cookie tutorial previously meanwhile here I tried to have a good result on my own. The painting is better, the bump is better, the modeling is far more acurate according to the human anatomy but the cornea isn’t as good I think. I also used just one mesh for the cornea and the eyeglobe. It’s okay I think but I’m open to advices. Eyes are hard to do. I watched a good tutorial on blenderlounge (if you don’t know it yet and you’re french, just watch them, they are great) but the shader he used is a personal one so I can’t do it as he does in the video.


Working on the shaders again, I wasn’t really happy. I’m still not but I think it’s better.

… still trying to enhance the shaders.

I know it’s hard to have a good judgment and the render I post yesterday kind of makes me sick today, The work in progress must be called sometimes work in regression in my case.
But this time, I’m finally beginning to sketh a smile on my face. I think that this shader isn’t sooo bad in comparison to the other.

…working lastly on the hair.


He is starting to look very nice, try Topogun for retopo, trial version is fully functional, you just cannot export. IMO the best there is.



Hi Shaun, it’s great to have news from you, thanks for the cheerings. I saw your WIP on the human skin, it’s very good so far. You give me the needs to work on human skin again right now. But I’ve got to finish the monkey first.

I worked on the armor this afternoon and I think I got something. The most difficult thing is the lack of material references. Coming from the DBZ world this material doesn’t exist and the reflections differ from an episode to another. Sometimes it looks shiny and some other times lesser (do you say that, “lesser” ?? It sounds weird).

PS: thanks for the Topogun tip Shaun

I still have to refine the hair, check the problems on the tail hair too (problems of hair repartition), rig the eyes and do the environment.

Here is just an enhanced render test: