Sakura - Original Character

Here is my first original character, Sakura. Everything was made on Blender 3.0. Started this project in March, but only now I finished her. I tried so many things here, I wanted to keep the “anime feeling”, but without using toon shaders and also not making it looking like a plastic figure/doll.

It was rendered on CyclesX with 2000 samples, 1080x1340 and without Denoise.

Hope you guys like it.


Cute, maaaaybe except for the spaghetti hair but that’s only my own personal preference for smooth, straight fine hair :thinking:

The quality of the spaghetti looks very good though- no cheap supermarket-brand crap, that :sunglasses:

Thanks! Do you have some examples? I tried some types of hair, but yeah, I think I can work more on this
next time. I’ve used only three BezierCircle shapes for curves on this work, so not many variations there

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No, it’s just how I personally like womens hair :slight_smile:

If I had my way, every woman would always have their hair up in a bun and that’s be not open for discussion :smirk:

Characters hair is fine though, really: no need to mess with it on my account :blush:

Love the little band-aid on her nose too :smirk:

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:slightly_smiling_face: :+1: congrats.

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I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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Amazing! Thank you again, @bartv.
Have a nice weekend you too and y’all! :pray:

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