Sally full shortfilm

Thanks for your suggestions. I agree with the wooden feel of the animation.

But there has not always have to be a ‘deep’ meaning or message. I don’t wanted necessarily get across some important point really. This film was meant for entertainment not for education or something.

But even then you can pull something out of it:
Even if all people around you, see the truth, it doesn’t mean that you are able to. But if something opens your eyes, whatever it might be, things can appear in a whole different light.
Eugene never had the intention to ‘punish’ her. But that doesn’t mean he has to save her again.
The ‘Hollywood’ motel was a place were dreams break, reality strikes and only a few get what they desire.


Don’t listen to certain dumbass people who only enjoy criticizing works of other people. I don’t speak German, even without the subtitles it’s a great 3D animation. I like the model, and facial animation are great… Keep up the good work!

Thanks Curt! I do apreciate your comment very much! But I don’t mind if people are rude.
When they got a point I try to learn from it. If they are only mean. Everyone can see they are obviously jealuse.
Why or for what ever reason I don’t really care. I am thankfull for people like you who can enjoy that work I do.
Thank you man!

Just amazing guy. Best of luck in your new endeavor.

@ghost Thanks a bunch!

Thanks for watching my shortfilm ‘Sally’
It passed the one million clicks mark this week!
After beeing nominated in the categorie for best Short Film at the suzanne awards
I also can proudly present the ‘Making of’ video for the japanese dub version of my film.


well deserved that merit, keep motivate!

@joseperez thanks mate!

@all Even though I just lost a ‘star’ probably for repeatitly keeping this post alive(I’m sorry for that!:()
I want to say that I owe this forum alot. I have got so much advice and help over the years to finish this film!
I want give a BIG THANK YOU to all members of Blenderartists!