Salma Hayek

(H-C) #1

Hey take a look at this tell me what you think.
its salma just gotten out of bed.

copy and paste

(blengine) #2

looks very cool! but it looks like the textures doing all the work, i cant tell what details u made and what the image is doing… maybe an angle view and a brighter scene will let us see some modeling =D

(rndrdbrian) #3

Don’t take this the wrong way H-C, but it looks to me that you are relying way to much on the photo of Salma, rather than modelling something which looks like Salma and using the photo as a texture.

Look like there are some problems with the base mesh around the lips, it seems to crease either side of the lips.

Other views of the mesh may also help too.

Keep at it! :slight_smile:


(Skanime) #4

It’s Selma Hayek, and I can’t view the page.

(IMProvisar) #5

Hehe… it’s Salma Hayek… Selma is a town in my home state, Alabama.


Edit PS: To prove the point, go to Google, do one search on “selma” and one search on “salma”. :slight_smile: