SALOON - A short animation

Hi there

I made a short animation about two guys at the saloon.

Years ago i had the idea for this story for a flash animation exercise (yes i’m this old) in school.
As it’s my first animation in blender, i’m pretty happy with it. But i think i could spend endless more hours on shading and animation… so if you have any suggestions to make it better, please tell me :slight_smile:

Hope you enjoy it and thanks for any feedback :slight_smile:


I really like it. the joke is great and timing great. Everything flows smooth, good job.

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Really good job. Did you watch “The Last Beer”? Recent animation also with sliding beer.

You had the most important thing first: a good idea. You had good characters too. And music. And sound.

You suggested about the shading/lighting. I think the characters could be lighter and the background darker to help them stand out. I think the bottle should fall right after the guy falls, but then take a little bit to roll away. And I was surprised the bottle rolled off the back; I thought the wood board was flush against the wall and it makes more sense for me if it rolls off the front.

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@wuukasch Really funny. I like the flat view angle and the colors you chose. It works as it is, but if you looking for suggestions, maybe a burp from the tall guy each time he empties his glass would be funny. The piano is to loud in my opinion and some bar ambient noise would add to the mood. How long did it take you?

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The only thing that I might take another look at is the staging of the “falling bottle” gag. For one thing, I really didn’t expect it. Maybe you could foreshadow the gag somehow by doing some bit of extra business that causes the bottles to move slightly, so we get the idea that they’re going to fall. Or, maybe, dream up some different gag? Maybe he tosses the cans and they hit a swinging bar-door, unnoticed by both of them, until (say …) it flies off its hinges.

Anyhow – a very nice animation “in the Flash® tradition.” :+1:

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Thank you!
Your are right, lightning was actually my biggest problem at the end. It’s so tricky with the light coming in from the outside but also have i a nice light on both characters while on of them is changing the position. Maybe a bigger contrast between background and foreground would also help to understand the room better. I also thought about adding some depth of field.

I saw “Te last beer” and was first a little bit shocked as i thought it’s too similar. I really liked the texturing on that.

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Thank you :slight_smile: You’re right, some extra burps could make it funnier. I think i was so happy that i managed to animate it, that i didn’t care about adding more details at some point.

It took me months to finish it. But i saw it as my own blender starting tutorial and learned so much on the go. I think it was a better way to learn blender for me, then modeling some donuts instead :wink:

Loved it.
Keep on animating and story telling. :metal:t2: