Sam on Mars

Hello everyone, thats my first post here. There are many really amazing artworks on this site, so I’m a little afraid to throw in my little “something”, but here is it, my latest work:

Behance link to show a process:



Nice first post! I like the image but with a bit more work on lighting it would be more realistic. I find that the robot character is currently ‘floating’ because it has no shadow or contact shadows. Also, the lighting on the scene is a little flat and could be more dramatic. I hope that helps!

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Hey Bart, thanks for feedback.

As u can see on behance i tried few ways to set up lighting. At start i tried enviromental texture, then just sun/area lights, but i ended with sky texture and few area lights and ambient occlusion.

I understand what u mean with more dramatic lighting, i need to learn how to achive that in future. Any tips about how to set up better lighting? :slight_smile:

Have a nice day!

I think the most important thing is to ‘ground’ your model and work on those shadows - right now it looks like your character is composited over the background, and not really part of it. Even some AO might already achieve that.