Same coordinates, different location

Hello, I am trying to bake from high poly to low poly my weapon. I set origin point of both meshes to origin of center of mass , they have same dimensions. I applied rotation and scale despite they are at 0,0,0 their location is different and that’s a problem for baking. I tried changing origin point mutliple times unfortunatelly did not help. Do you have any ideas how to allign them? Of course I could to this manually but that’s not a perfect solution I think. Thanks in advance, cheers.

When you changed the origin point to center of mass, both meshes have different detailing, which would shift the origins off a little slightly.

You probably will have to adjust it manually.

Could try placing the origin to the bounds center instead. Can’t tell from the cropshots if that would work, and there’s no example .blend

The dimensions in Y are not the same… 3.064 vs 3.061.

Try playing with the origin and move geometry to origin… but without a file it is a bit hard for us to see what is going wrong.

use the menu object > transform > and see what can help you there.