"same" material different normals (bumpmap)

Hoppla folks!
I am a noob with blender and blah blah…
Let’s say I’ve got two objects, cube1 and cube2. I want them to look like they have the same material, let’s say aluminium. For cube2 I want to add a extra normal (bump map) for some sort of markings, I do so by adding a texture.

Assigning the same material is not exactly the problem here, I can for example copy the material from cube1 to cube2 by using the arrows under material. The problem is rather when I want to change a bit of how the material look I need to recopy again. Copying material from cube1 to cube2 again “overwrites” the normal texture and I have to set up the texture again. :frowning:

Assigning both cubes to the same material won’t work either, then I would get the same texture on both cubes. :frowning:

How do I set up the materials to achieve what I want.

bytheway; here’s a glimpse on what I’m working on.

The simplest solution would be to assign material a fake user. Typically, if a material is not being used, it will be deleted when you quit Blender. Assigning a fake user will keep the material in the blend file when you exit.

So: Cube 1/Material 1 - Cube 2/Material 2

  1. Assign material 2 to a fake user - the F icon in the Links and Pipeline panel next to the material name.
  2. Assign the new tweaked material 1 to cube 2
  3. Click on “Add New” in the Links and Pipeline panel - thus creating a new material based on the tweaked material.
  4. Clear the textures of this new material
  5. Copy the textures and mapping (Up and Down Arrow in Texture Panel) of material 2 to the new material.

Another way would be to use material nodes (1 2 3 4). Using nodes would allow you to tweak base materials without having any effect on textures.

Best of Luck!

If I understand correctly, you should do this:
Make your material without the bump map and assign it to both objects.
Then there will be a little number 2 beside the material name, like this:

Click on it and it will make it a ‘single user’. That means you can modify the material and it will affect only that object (it actually copies the material, hence the name material.001)

Hope thats what you needed.

blenditall: Not exactly, I should be able to make changes to the material in one place, so it affects both cubes.

I will try the nodes editor, hope it will work well with yafray?

Sadly, it won’t work at all. Yafray does not support Nodes.

And I don’t really see a need for nodes here, working with two materials should do the trick. Just try to keep things as simple as possible (but not simpler :wink: ).

Yep, nodes does not work with yafray, subsurf scattering either. (Is there ANY progress with this renderer after one year? I like yafray, it gives me crisper images than the blender rendere…).

The problem is that images in texture and materials are strongly connected together. I’m actually having three objects; the can, opening tab and the small bolt through the tab to the can. Images are used for making markings. I probably want to make label on the can someday. Copying materials simply copies how it looks and texture (everyting “under the F5 buttons”).

The problem is more of the sort of finding a easy way of working.

I’m considering another approach; have all texture images in one material. copying this to each object after an material update. Then make a “single user copy”. After that I should just need to enable/disable the different images under the texture tab.

Another things to try:

  1. using “emptys” as texture.
  2. would it be possible to use the outliner to copy materials?