Same material looks different?? HELP!

Hey everyone, I’m using one of the leather procedural materials from blend swap, and it looks great on one part of my mesh, but when I apply it to another object it appears overly glossy. The pattern size and shape, the bumps and everything look the same but for some reason the material renders properly on only one object, and every other object appears far too glossy.

Anyone have any ideas as to what could be happening? Anybody else run into this type of problem before?

Here’s a quick render: The black material at the top is what the leather should look like, and that silver looking leather is my issue…


Just tried adding a new object with this material and it looks like everything is fine. So the problem appears to be solely with the existing objects, and re-applying the material to the problem objects doesn’t seem to do anything. The preview window shows the correct material, so the problem must be inherent to the object itself. Is there a setting I may have inadvertently changed that could cause this issue?

It seems like bump is going opposite way on brighter part. Can’t tell without seeing node setup, but try to negate direction of bump.

I had something similar on a material I was working on. The material was fine on one object - but a weird glossy colour on another.

It turned out that I had forgotten to UV unwrap my new object (the textures I was using were plugged into the UV slot of the texture coordinate node). Unwrapping the object sorted the problem.

may be upload the file so we cant look at it

happy bl

Thanks for the responses! Just figured it out…turns out my normals weren’t pointing the right way, so I just did a “make normals consistent” and everything looks fine. Newb mistake :frowning: Slowly learning…

Thanks again!