Character design by a friend of mine, model work by me.

Rendered in Cycles, Textures done in Paint Tool Sai, Post in Blender, and PS.

Awesome job! Really liking this one! :slight_smile:

Appealing Character, cool Dynamic pose. Very Nice

Great job! I love the colours and the style. Very nice!

Nice frog… or is that a toad? I would like to learn how to model something like that.

Excellent work! Judging by your user portrait, it looks like you have a knack for this style or art. I can’t wait to see your first full featured animated film :wink:

Cheers! o/

Great character. Material looks like Lego plastic, and I like this. :slight_smile:

Love the colors, love the model, really loving the pose. I dont like the glossiness to much. But that is my personal preference. Looks very good.

nice character, but what is it? a frog?

Yep! a Frog.